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We understand the challenges of product management function  


Scattered Requirements

Product requirements come via multiple sources, buried in email threads, meeting notes, tenders, chat messages and offline discussions. Using office tools to manually collate and manage requirements impedes productivity.



Customer needs and feedback gets lost in translation from sales/ frontline/ support teams to product management to engineering, leading to product rework and constant friction between business and engineering teams.


Stakeholder Alignment

Product Managers create multiple versions of roadmaps to get everyone to converge on common goals and priorities. This requires several meetings to align multiple stakeholders but lose track of the context of the decisions/revisions.


Lack of Transparency

Sales/Marketing teams are often in the dark during the product planning and development process. They do not have direct visibility on the exact customers’ needs that are addressed by engineering in the scheduled release plans.

Woises offers Smart Workflows for Smart Product Managers

Capture, Prioritization and Planning Workflows that enhance productivity of product managers

  • move_to_inbox

    360o INBOX


    360o INBOX TM
    Single Window for all product requests

    and customer feedback

    - A unique workflow to view and manage all incoming product requests in one place: ideas, feedback, suggestions, backlog and enhancements and from various sources: Web Plugin, Mobile app, Chrome Extension etc.
      - Helps product managers to eliminate noise and focus on important/urgent requests in the queue and provides templates to convert requests into requirements /user-stories as per SDLC process.  

  • stars



    Priority decision made simple and effective 

    - Woises Smart Prioritization MatrixTM enables product managers to make data-driven priority decisions before committing specific requirements or user-stories onto roadmap or engineering release plans.
    - Smart Prioritization MatrixTM automatically suggests new priority based on unique combination of metrics and models (eg., Kano) that product managers evaluate across customer, business and cost dimensions and makes prioritization exercise not just simple but an objective process.    

  • dashboard



    Visibility and transparency from product vision to execution plans. 

    - Planning workflows help product managers create high-level roadmaps that check alignment against product themes and company goals. Product managers can also translate these high-level roadmaps into executable release plans working closely with project / engineering teams.
    - Plans can be created with simple drag-and-drop and can be shared easily with various stakeholders using export to standard office formats.  

  • timeline



    Product Management Dashboards & Reports with Actionable Insights 

    - Manage product portfolio, measure and monitor business operations metrics through executive level dashboards, reports and actionable insights to exceed goals and stay ahead in the competition.
    - Dashboard provides visibility into health of product from 360 perspective: Customer Success, Business Operations, Engineering Efficiency and Quality.

  • phone_iphone


    Mobile app

    Mobile App
    Just-in-time capture of product requests with progress notifications 

    - Capturing product ideas, customer feedback or any other requests has never been easier. - Mobile app provides an easy way for product stakeholders to communicate their needs to respective product manager .
    - App gives a simple interface for product managers to seek additional inputs or clarifications on requests via integrated chat. App also sends push notifications on the current progress, enabling transparency and better engagement between product managers and product stakeholders. 

Seamless integration with industry adopted tools of sales, engineering and collaboration.


Expert Speak

"For me, a Products can be life changing. At the minutest level, a product is a solid way to improve the life of our end customers, and product management is one of the key roles in creating products that can bring such a change. Product manager represents the person not in the room full of stakeholders of the product. It may be any of consumer, marketing, technology, top management. One of the most interesting, powerful and responsible positions to be in."

Ujjwal Trivedi
Sr. Product Manager, Coupondunia

"Product Management is the new 'fad' in the ecosystem. Though there is no fixed definition of it and the roles and responsibilities differ from org to org, but in totality, it's taking ownership of the product & working with cross functional teams to scale it. Data / Data Analytics plays a crucial role as the PM uses it to define the roadmap, forecasting and marketing strategies."

Ojasvi Bhatia
Product Manager, Goibibo

"Product Management an organisational structure within a company that manages planning, forecasting, and production, or marketing of a product or products at all stages of the product lifecycle. Product Management often serves an inter-disciplinary role i.e. to bridge the gap between teams of different expertise/group, most importantly between engineering teams and commercial teams. Product management encompasses the broad set of activities required to get the product to market and to support it thereafter."

Rajashekar H
Director, Revaalo Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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